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What are you going to use ServiceWorks for?

Scheduling & Dispatch

How many technicians do you have (count yourself also if you are a tech)?

How many back office admin do you have?

Who are your job assignments dispatched to?

Employee Management

Do you want to track employee commission?

Do you want to track employees in real time?

Customer Management

Is your business task related to your customer?

Do you want your customers to raise service requests through portal?


Do you need a multi option estimate like good, better, best?

Do you need to send follow-up estimation reminders?

Work Order Management

Do you need to generate WO from an online booking page?

Do you need to generate WO from field?

Invoice and Payment

Do you want to combine invoices and send them periodically?

Do you want to send monthly statements?

Purchase/Part Order

Do you want your technicians to generate Purchase Order request from Field?

Do you want to automatically update work order based on parts received?

Inventory Tracking

Do you track serialized inventory?

Do you want automatic cost adjustment?

Customer Communication

Do you want to send SMS notifications to your customers?

Do you want multiple appointment reminder templates for different kinds of jobs?

Equipment Management

Track more than 1 equipment per job

Track warranty on an equipment

Sales Order

Do you have a brick-and-mortar retail store?

Do you want to initiate sales through API?

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Business Data

Do you have data from other software that needs to be migrated to Service Works?



What features you need for your business?

Complete Setup

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  • Upto 2 users
  • Scheduling & Dispatch
  • Invoicing
  • Customer Notification
  • Quickbook Integration
  • Onboarding
  • Customer Support
  • Plus More


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